Our Own Colour Bass Lures - Live Sandeel

Not a lot of people realise this, but there are in fact slightly different colours in live sandeels, and the guys that fish these know and they will pick out the better colour ones as they out-fish the others 10 to 1 some days!

So it seemed obvious for us to try and create a range of lures that match as close as we can get to the colour of these eels. It's a brown'ish top that fades into a green line and of course the silver flank then a white belly.

With the Xorus Patchinko, Frosty and Asturie we got the silver side by adding an internal flash plate, a feature that is hugely popular on models like the Ghost Lancon and Lieu. Here is the latest, the awesome Xorus Frosty, you can make out the internal flash plate. The Frosty was many of ours first Xorus lure we owned way back in the early 2000's, and is still very popular with many anglers. Its slightly higher pitch rattle and the fact it creates less of a splash than the Patchinko means it is very good in shallow/calm water.

So the range has grown with the help of some of the UK's lure makers too. Rooneys Slappers, 4" & 6" and Chubbies, 3.5", look fantastic and Karl has done a great job at creating that brown into green effect.

We also have the new Pirate Lures Needle Treat in our Live Sandeel. This tapered senko swims beautifully and the colour has come out very well.

The Patchinko in the 140 & 125 sizes have become very popular here in Jersey and many guys in the UK have jumped on them too. It is a pattern that works well in most water conditions so is handy to have when facing different water/scenarios.

We are so happy with the sterling work that our suppliers have done on these lures as are many of our customers. These are more to come! So keep an eye out on new models being introduced as time goes by.... some will be very very popular we know it !!


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