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zenith z-claw sw36

Zenith Z-Claw Original #SW36

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Quick Overview

Length : 10cm
Weight : 20g
Colour: SW36
Depth : Surface-Floating
Action : Walk the dog, zigzag, long slide

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More Information

I find this lure works best on fairly calm days and when there is total silence around you as you're fishing. There are a few different ways of working it, but I find a slow walk the dog action is best. It is worth trying to nudge it in a straight line too as it bobs its head well and looks like a stunned fish when you do it correctly. Being 20g it casts well for its size and having no rattle is acts like a bait fish trying to slip away un-noticed.

This little surface lure is superb at mimicking a small bait fish that is stunned and escaping on the surface. It walks the dog, babana boats and nudges (ploughs) the water
Brand Zenith
Length 10cm
Lure Depth Surface
Lure Weight 20cm
Hook 2 x Owner ST-46 #4
Action Surface walk the dog, V-Wake

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