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Xorus Patchinko 140 Cabot

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Quick Overview

Weight: 27g
Length: 140mm
Depth: Surface
Action: Walk the dog

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The Patchinko is now a classic top water lure. This plugs casts further than any other floating surface lure that is available and has become one of the most popular surface bass lures in existance.

You can "walk the dog" so easy with it, use it with quite a slow sliding action on calm days and if there is a bit of chop on the water then get it splashing about to attract those feeding bass below.

This colour, the Cabot, is one of my personal favourites. It has that green sandeel back with clear/holo sides and a white belly.

27g and 14cm long this lure is always with me when I go fishing. Look at the photo album on the bottom of my website to see some of the bass I have taken with Patchinkos.
Brand Xorus
Length 140mm
Lure Depth Surface
Lure Weight 27g
Hook Decoy Y-S21 #2
Action Walk the doggy

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