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Xorus Asturie 170 Yellow

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Length: 170mm
Weight: 52g
Hooks: Not Fitted, I suggest Decoy Y-S82 2/0 or 3/0
Action: Surface walker/slider that will walk underwater too.

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More Information

The new Asturie 170 has hit the UK! I personally cannot wait to use this lure as i love the Asturie range and have had some amazing trip in local water and when away tropical fishing. The 170 is going to solve a problem i have been faced with a few times, I love the Asturie 150 and have had decent bass on it here in Jersey and also amazing days in Oman smashing Omani bream, Trevally, Yellow Fin Tuna to mention a few. I was in Panama in early 2018 and I found the 150 Asturie just a little small for the conditions, tackle and fish that we were facing. The giant Big A Asturie was just too big....but here is the 170, she sits right in the slot I needed and I cannot wait to get back out there to try these.

The thing with the Asturie range is it is versatile and drives fish mad when you use it chopped up on the surface then switch to long pulls down with the rod to allow the lure to walk under water. Long steady swoops by pulling the rod tip down allows the lure to go under about 2ft and the fish just cannot resist it.

The lure does not come with hooks or split rings, I would suggest a Decoy Y-S82 2/0 or 3/0, both are fine but it depends on what size you are comfortable with.
Brand Xorus
Length 170mm (6.8")
Lure Depth Floating/Diving
Lure Weight 52g
Hook Not Fitted, I suggest Decoy Y-S82 2/0 or 3/0
Action Surface walker/slider that will walk underwater too.

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