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tenryu sp7.0mh injection

Tenryu Injection SP7.0MH

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Length: 7ft (2.13m)
Casting Weight: 14-35g
Line Rating: 12-25lb
Rod Weight: 155g
Action: Progressive

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The latest in the injection range (as of 2014), the 7.0MH is designed for the slightly heavier lures that many of us use when targeting bigger fish. As usual the 7.0MH is an absolute joy to use with all styles of lure fishing, but comes into its own with softies and shads. I have used this rod with all the lures I carry, and it worked everything beautifully from top water lures like Patchinkos, Asturies and Feed Poppers, right through to Tide Minnows and Zonks in the diving lure range that I carry.

I tried some metal lures i had, like the P Boys and Nebura Deka and the progressive action of the rod made it a joy to use and work the metals with full control.

I then tested some softies that I carry, Spindle worms with 17g Noise heads, Savage Sandeels in the 42g size (even though the rod is only rated to 35g), and some giant Xlayers with 15g Bachi heads. All of the lures I tested were so easy to use with this rod and the control I had was outstanding. This rod is a proper bass rod, for controlling proper bass lures and landing decent fish.
Brand Tenryu
Length 7ft (2.13m)
Casting 14-35g

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