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Tackle House Feed Shallow+ 128 #P10

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Quick Overview

Weight: 21g
Length: 128mm
Depth : 18"
Action: Zigzag/rolling

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More Information

The Feed Shallow+ is the beefed up brother of the original. It is the same lure but with a bigger weight chamber and slighlty heavier ball bearings. The original Feed Shallow casts very well and the new Feed Shallow+ casts just that bit further. This lure still runs shallow, just below the surface at 5cm to 30cm (2"-1ft). This + version weighs 21g and is 128mm long. No special tricks are needed to work this lure, just turn the handle and let the lure do all the work.
Brand Tackle House
Length 128mm
Lure Depth Floating/Diving
Lure Weight 21g
Hook 3 x #4 SW trebles
Action Shallow rolling action

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