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Tackle House Feed Shallow 128 #12HG

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Quick Overview

Weight: 18.5g
Length: 128mm
Depth : 18"
Action: Rolling

Classic Sardine Pattern

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More Information

This shallow running lure will only dive to about 2ft max, so it is ideal over weed covered reef and even on flat sands whilst wading. It is a very high quality lure with a weight transferal system that sends this lure flying.

This pattern is the classic Sardine, it is a very popular colour all around the south coast of Britain and Ireland.

The action of this lure is a side to side rolling action rather than a zigzig, but if you twitch the lure on the retieve you can make it "walk" and dart. 128mm long and 18.5g.
Brand Tackle House
Action Shallow rolling action
Lure Depth Floating/Diving

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