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Megabass Spindle Worm Mineral 5" Lime Shad

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Quick Overview

The Vios range is now available in Mineral, meaning a higher salt content which also does not react like the other Vios baits do with other lures.

The high salt content allows the lure to fall quicker through the water and also aids the the scent that is added in the molding process.

The Spindle Worm is one of the best soft lures in the world, it seems to catch fish on days when all else is struggling.

This colour, the Lime Shad is brilliant on murky days with low light or dirty water conditions.

More Information

Length: 5"
Weight: 16g
Colour: Lime Green with green glitter
Scent: Aniseed
Packed in: 6's

Price includes postage to UK
Brand Megabass
Action Paddle Tail
Lure Depth Sinking

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