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Megabass Hazedong Magnum Ayu Effect

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Weight: 14.3g
Length: 5.5inch (130mm)
Packets of: 3

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More Information

The Hazedong Magnum is a Goby imitation that has become very popular for finesse fishing in shallow water here in Jersey. The Magnum is created with a tungsten core and hi-float shell, making it naturally heavy for its size but bouyant and natural looking when in the water. Weighing in at over 14g and with its unique fish attracting scent, these softies have it all.

Anglers have been catching on these lures for a few years now using three different methods really.

Rigged weightless/weedless these softies are lethal twitched along the top, just under the surface and allowed to sink slowly to be twitched across weed covered rocks.

Rigged Carolina style allows the angler to achieve longer casts. Allow the lure to hit the bottom and then a quick jerk and take up the slack and then rest. This method is popular on sand, making the Hazedong look like a small fish left out in the open.

Rigged on a jighead, these lures are fantastic used in a dead stick fashion. That is letting the lure rest for up to 10 seconds then giving it a jerk and once again rest for 5 or 10 seconds.
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