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Shell Japan Imagine 101 Ghost Ayu

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Quick Overview

Length: 10cm
Weight: 20g
Hooks: 2 x SW Trebles size 4
Depth: Sinking
Action: Natural swimmer on straight retrieve

More Information

The Imagine 101 is an intriguing lure that has its place in any lure anglers bag. This sinking stick bait lure has a hole in the head that allows water to fill the center cavity. This makes the lure heavier for the cast but once in the water the lure sinks slowly for its weight (as the weight from the water is neutral). The flattened/angled face of the lure creates a life-life wobble on a straight retrieve and the internal real shell mother-of-pearl flash plate is UV reflective which we all know is irresistible to predatory fish.

Also fitted with high quality salt water treble hooks the Imagine 101 is a very creative lure from Japan.
Brand Shell Japan
Length 10cm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 20g
Hook 2 x SW trebles size 4
Action Rolling/swimming on straight retrieve

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