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Samson Enticer Surface 30g

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Quick Overview

Weight: 30g
Length: 100mm
Hook: 1 x Mustad SW 2/0
Depth: Sinking / Surface
Action: Slow draws for long slides or short jerks for zig-zags

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More Information

The Samson Enticer 30g is a sinking surface lure that is made from extremely tough high density resin. Being this tough they are fantastic for punching into head winds and chucking right into the roughest of rocky areas or rough sea where hungry predators feast on confused bait fish.

Although the lure sinks like a stone the chiseled chin planes the lure up to the surface very quickly, allowing you to straight retrieve or work on long slides or jerk quicker for tight zig-zags.

Fitted with 1 x Mustad SW 2/0 rear treble and coming with 2 x fish skins that can be added if required.
Brand Samson
Length 90mm
Lure Depth Surface/Sinking
Lure Weight 30g
Hook 1 x Mustad SW 2/0 or rear
Action Darting or long slides

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