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Samson Enticer Tweak Bait Sub Surface 15g

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Quick Overview

Weight: 15g
Length: 7cm (70mm)
Hooks: Mustad SW #6 on front, SW single on rear
Depth: Sinking
Action: Darting and swimming

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More Information

The Samson Enticer Sub Surface is an incredible lure with many applications for many situations. Brilliant in rough white-water where the fish are literally wired and fast to hit any confused bait fish. The dense hard resin of the lure keep it stable in the heavy seas and takes the bashing from rocks no problem.

Work the lure with twitches to bring it to life, long sweeps of the rod with make the lure swim from left to right, or short sharp jerks of the rod tip with zig-zags the lure like a panicked fish. These lures look incredible in the water!

Ideal for UK bass fishing of of course for tropical fishing when your fish have teeth like a T Rex!!

Fitted with a Mustad SW treble on the front, and a single SW hook on the rear. Comes with 2 fish shrink on fish skins if you require some colour.
Brand Samson
Length 70mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 15g
Hook Mustad SW #6 on front, SW single on rear
Action Darting and swimming

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