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  • Nada Funky Jig 40g Nada

Nada Funky Jig 40g Nada

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Weight: 40g
Length: 70mm
Hook: Size 4 treble on rear, size 1 assist of front
Colour: Nada (Silver Black)
Action: Injured bait fish

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More Information

The Nada casting jigs are perfect for punching out at distance to fish that are transfixed on feeding on small bait fish. The shape of the Funky Jig with its heavy head and tapered tail allows the lure to have a swimming affect on the retrieve or when you twitch it. The flat upper side and thicker belly side allows the lure to flutter to create an injured fish action when you allow the lure to flutter down between twitches.

Fitted with a SW size 4 treble on the rear and a SW size 1 assist on the front you are ready to fish!
Brand Nada
Length 70mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 40g
Hook Size 4 treble on rear, size 1 assist of front
Action Injured fish

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