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shout dangan sea trout lure

Shout! Dangan 5g Pink Blue

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Quick Overview

Weight: 5g
Length: 40mm
Colour: PB - Pink back with blue belly & silver sides
Hook: 1 x size 12 SW treble

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More Information

The Shout! Dangan is a long distance, slow sink (flutter) lure that mimics an injured baitfish with its shimmering falling action. The Dangan has a flat upper side, and a beveled underside that makes the lure flutter on the drop, looking like an injured fish and keeping the lure in "the zone" just that bit longer than standard flat metals. Coming standard with salt water trebles, many anglers replace these hooks with either plugging singles or assist hooks, which allows for a better hook hold and also gives less chance for the lure to be snagged when hitting the bottom or structure.
Brand Shout!
Length 40mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 5g
Hook 1 x size 12 SW treble
Action Fluttering on the drop

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