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Duo Press Bait Kamuy 110 Blue Pink Sardine

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Length: 110mm
Weight: 28g
Hook: 1 x Extra Strong SW Treble #2

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The Press Bait Kamuy is designed for long distance work when the fish are out on reefs etc with swell and turbulent water crashing about. These lures cast miles, and flutter slowly on the drop, meaning you can cast from a safe distance be it from a boat or the shore, hit the white water and allow the lure to flutter down through the bubbles and swell imitating a stunned bait fish that has been confused by the crashing waves.....and just where the predators are waiting to snap them up!

These version come with an extra strong treble hook on the back, but we often replace the treble with a big single as you limit the risk of fowling and losing your lure with a single.
Brand Duo
Length 110mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 28g
Hook 1 x Extra Strong SW Treble #2
Action Long cast, flutter on the drop

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