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Duo Press Bait 105 HD-A97

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Quick Overview

Length: 105mm
Weight: 23g
Hook: Decoy Y-S21 #4
Depth: Sinking
Action: Flutter Bait

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More Information

The Duo press Bait 105 HD (Heavy Duty) is the original "flutter bait" that started many of us off in the world of long cast lipless lures that nail fish on the drop. This lure is typically engineered to Japanese quality, and everything has been created in it for a absolute purpose and reason. I will try to explain what makes a lure like this stand out from inferior copies and cheap similar lures.

Wired through connection loops and a extra tough/dense plastic, thes elures have been balanced to sink completely level. This is done with internal body weights/balancing, a small bulbous ball under the chin keeps the head level, the clear fin mounted vertically on the head stops the lure rolling over whilst sinking. There is also a set of small fins at the rear of the lure, these create the flutter effect. Fitted with a treble hook on the rear, they lures are often tweaked and tuned by anglers, so Duo have also fitted a front loop where another treble, single or assist hook can be fitted.

All in all the 105 HD is a small bomb proof long range flutter bait, that allows the angler to reach the bait ball where the birds are diving, keeping himself out of the way and achieving long casts keeps the action going whilst not disturbing it. The lure flutter down like an injured bait fish, which is exactly what feeding fish below are waiting for.
Brand Duo
Action Flutter on the drop, wobble on the retrieve
Lure Depth Sinking

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