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Duo Rough Trail Malice 130 64g CHA0011 Sardine

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Quick Overview

Length: 130mm
Weight: 64g
Colour: CHA0011 Sardine
Action: Long cast stick bait
Hooks: 2 x SW extra strong 2/0

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More Information

The new Duo Roughtrail Malice 130 is a 64g long cast, fast sinking heavy stick bait lure that is designed for the most powerful fish fighting fish on the planet. The constuction of this lure is absolutely bomb-proof, wired through with extra strong 1mm wire and composed of the hardest resin available.

Casting this lure miles you can work back with a straight fast retrieve for a panicked swimming action, or use the classic stick bait action with a single or double tap/twitch whilst making long slides with the rod.
Brand Duo
Length 130mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 64g
Hook 2 x SW extra strong 2/0
Action Long cast stick bait, swimming and flutter

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