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Tackle House Feed Popper 100 #3 Pink Back

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Quick Overview

Length: 100mm
Weight: 22g
Depth: Surface
Action: Popping, stop and go.

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More Information

The new baby in the house is the Feed Popper 100. The little brother to the amazing Feed Popper 120 that has been so productive for us for the last few years.

The thing with the Feed Poppers is they are built like tanks, solid and made to take some serious grief from even tropical fish.

Feed Poppers are renouned for their really loud "pop" when being used, and the baby is no different. These little lures do not have rattles, but rely on their very loud popping sound, created by the concave face.

Some anglers just dont get on with poppers, but if you know how to use them they are deadly on the right day. Letting the popper rest for a good five seconds between pops is one of the crutial things, be patient, and they will come...
Brand Tackle House
Action Pop'n Stop
Lure Depth Surface / Floating

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