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sea spin pro q

Seaspin Pro-Q 145 #NVO Black Belly

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Quick Overview

Length: 145mm
Weight: 46g
Colour: NVO Black belly, purple sides, grey top
Hooks: 2 x 1/0 Extra Strong
Action: Walk the dog, long slides, drifting and V-Wake (bobbing and twitching)

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More Information

The Seaspin Pro-Q lures are one of those lures that all keen surface anglers should have in their bag. These lures cast extremely well and walk very easily with only slight commotion, this can be deadly on the right day. They slide like a snake across the surface, creating a lovely wake on calm days, and on rougher days the bobbing action of the lure can really make the fish strike.

Some surface lures suit certain conditions better than others, for me, the Pro-Q is going to be a go to lure on calm days when I am fishing the shallows, when I want a lure that lands quietly and I want to create the look of a small fish trying to slip away quietly. Of course the big version (145mm) is a beast and I look forward to using this lure in the Autumn and when on holiday in the tropics (as they are all wired through).

Personally, I really enjoyed testing these lures, and straight away realised the potential on certain days will be awesome.....I will always carry at least one of these lures with me.
Brand No
Length 145mm
Lure Depth Surface
Lure Weight 46g
Hook 2 x 1/0 Extra strong
Action Walk the dog, long slides, drifting and V-Wake (bobbing and twitching)

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