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vision 110 magnum

Megabass Vision Oneten Magnum NT Gill ST

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Quick Overview

Length: 130mm
Weight: 17.5g
Depth: Max 4ft
Hooks: Replace with 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action: Rolling action, fantastic when twitched, retrieved then stopped

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More Information

NEW for 2014 !!! The 110 Magnum builds upon the overwhelming success of the Vision 110 in major tournaments around the world, featuring Carrozzeria tuning, a redesigned fixed-balancer system, and a larger profile. Unlike the decentralized balancer-systems of many large jerk baits, the Oneten Magnum has a specially tuned internal fixed-weight balancer plate that allows for responsive action and swimming stability. With a dead-slow retrieve, the Oneten Magnum maintains its depth, giving off an alluring wobble that captures that of an unwary baitfish. With a fast retrieve, the Magnum gets down to 4 feet on 6-8lb test, and performs fast-pitch rolling actions; when stopped, the Magnum gives off a subtle wobble and sits with its head up, just like a baitfish trying to escape a predator. With a slow-float that is tuned closer towards suspending than the original 110 SF, the 110 Magnum is the perfect platform for custom-suspension in any environment with the use of weighted strips, allowing for an especially deadly pre-spawn shallow presentation. With a larger profile and Carrozzerria tuning, the Oneten Magnum offers up a larger meal that will be sure to trigger bites from even the most cautious monsters. Experience the power and potential of the Vision 110 Magnum: the legend just got BIGGER !!!
Brand Megabass
Length 13cm
Lure Depth Floating/Diving
Lure Weight 17.5g
Hook Replace with 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action Rolling action, fantastic when twitched, retrieved then stopped

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