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Duo Tide Minnow 90S ADA0213 Ocean Bait

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Quick Overview

Length : 90mm
Weight : 15g
Depth : 2-4ft
Action : Sinking zigzag
Colour: GHN0134 Sayori (Smelt)

Long casting small sinking hard lure

More Information

The Tide Minnow 90S is the perfect small hard lure for when the fish are hitting smaller baits. Don't be put off by the 15g weight, this little lure absolutely flies out and has an amazing swimming action. Although it is a sinking lure, which allows you to let the lure sink if you desire, it will run fairly shallow at about 4ft if the tip of your rod is close to the water. Absolutely deadly for UK bass and I have used these small lures when away on tropical holidays catching snook, bara, jacks and bonito.
Brand Duo
Length 90mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 15g
Hook 2 x Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action Rolling/swimming

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