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200 slim 200 mullet hd

Duo Tide Minnow 200 Slim ADA0027 Mullet HD

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Quick Overview

Length: 200mm
Weight: 27g
Depth: 2-3ft
Action: Rolling "S"

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More Information

The biggest of the Tide Minnow range the 200 is a beautiful lure and I love using it. It casts well and has an awesome slow "S" kind of wobble to it. One of my best fish of last season was caught on this lure, it was the second cast I had ever cast with this lure, so I instantly fell in love with it.

Only diving to about 2 to 3ft its a big lure that can be used shallow or even in deeper water to get the fish to rise.
Brand Duo
Length 20cm
Lure Depth Floating/Diving
Lure Weight 27g
Hook 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action Swimming/Rolling S

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