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Duo Tide Minnow 140 Flyer AHA0087 Mazume Sardine

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Quick Overview

Length: 140mm
Weight: 21g
Colour: AHA0087 Red Belly Sardine
Hooks: 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #6
Action: Very natural rolling S
Type: Sinking/Long cast

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More Information

The Tide Minnow 140 Slim is one of the best tide Minnows for achieving swimming action at low speeds. This "Flyer" version is basically the sinking/long cast version, and although some of the action is always lost with many extra weighted lures, Duo always find that fine balance between weight and action.

This sinking lure allows you to be able fish all depths, simply count the lure down, wind the line, small jerk or two, allow to sink a bit, wind the line.......
Brand Duo
Length 140mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 21g
Hook 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #6
Action Natural swimming action

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