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Duo Tide Minnow 135 Surf GBAZ054 Takagi Rainbow

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Quick Overview

Weight : 24g
Length : 135mm
Depth : 2-3ft
Action : Rolling zigzag

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More Information

A very simple lure to use, just wind slowly for a zigzag, injured wobble look, let the lure rest, twitch and continue to wind slowly. If the fish are feeding hard and you need to wind fast, then the small lip of this lure will allow you to wind as fast as you like without making the lure flip and lose control, it will just roll from side to side.

The Surf editions of the Tide Minnow range have a thicker body and extra weight for better casting distance. All this also adds to the stability in surf and heavy seas.

Use this lure like you would most minnow style lures, with a varied, fast/slow retrieve with twiches to make it act like an injured fish confused in the swell.

Brand Duo
Action Natural swimmer
Lure Depth Floating/Diving

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