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terrif H10

Duo Terrif DC-12 H10-TS

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Quick Overview

Length : 120mm
Weight : 18g
Depth : 50cm on straight retrieve (Sinking lure)
Action : Tight wobble
New colour code: AHA0010

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More Information

This lure has a weight transferal system for long casts, and two small balls for a slight rattle sound, ideal in shallow water.

The Terrif DC series are shallow diving lures that are fast becoming very popular here in Jersey. They cast extremely well and are very simple to use as you only need a constant wind and twitch.

Designed originally for casting across estuaries for sea trout, where the angler cast the lure across the river and allow the lure to drift and sink down whilst retrieving back. Hense the name DC (Down Across)

This is the Ayu, the sandy yellow pattern with the yellow dot behind the head is used by all lure companies as it is a fantastic colour that mimics a sand eel brilliantly.
Brand Duo
Length 120mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 18g
Hook 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #6
Action Tight wobble

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