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Duo Realis Pencil 110 P59

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Quick Overview

Length: 110mm
Weight: 20.5g
Depth: Surface
Action: Walk the dog, "V" Waking and Sliding

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More Information

The Realis Pencil is a walk the dog lure destined to become another Japanese classic. Duo have designed this lure for its simplicity of use, it is a perfect lure for both beginner and enthusiast as it practically works itself.

I had a go with the lure and found with the slightest of movements it walked and bobbed easily, it really was extremely easy to make it come to life.

The forward weight on the front of the lure makes the lure perfectly balanced when sat in the water.

When walking the dog I found with a quick jerk of the rod the Realis Pencil would nod under the water and pop straight back out again. This method will be awesome on calm days where working the lure slowly.
Brand Duo
Action Walk the dog
Lure Depth Surface / Floating

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