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100DR Duo jerkbait ACC4013

Duo Realis Jerkbait 100DR ADA4013

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Quick Overview

Length: 11.3cm
Weight: 17.5g
Depth: 8-10ft (Floating)
Action: Rolling exaggerated swimming action
Hooks: 2 x FW size 4

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More Information

The Duo Realis jerkbait is a deep diver that is designed to get down deep and even bump the bottom and trip-out when it hits structure etc. Diving down to about 10ft the jerkbait is perfect when fishing deeper marks or even for bottom banging. The slim profile and 3 x moving ball bearing weight chamber all add up to make this lure ideal for long casts and getting down there where the fish are. Perfect for trolling too!
Brand Duo
Length 11.3cm
Lure Depth Floating/Diving
Lure Weight 17.5g
Hook 2 x FW size 4
Action Long casting, deep diving natural (exaggerated) swimming

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