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Duo Press Bait 125 HD Ivory Holo

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Quick Overview

Length: 125mm
Weight: 42g
Colour: AJ00091
Depth: Sinking
Action: Sinking, Flutter

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More Information

The Duo Press Bait HD models are designed for fishing at ultimate distance with a lure that is capable of landing intermediate sized tropical fish. The HD stands for "Heavy Duty".

These lures cast miles and are designed to "flutter" down like a stunned bait fish. This method is deadly in the tropics and also here in Europe for Bass. There are small side fins near the rear of the lure, these are designed to make the lure flutter and roll.
Brand Duo
Length 125mm
Lure Depth Sinking
Lure Weight 42g
Hook No hook fitted
Action Flutter on drop

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