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Duo Beach Walker 120 MD J130AZ

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Quick Overview

Length: 120mm
Weight: 20g
Depth: 2.5-4.5ft on the retrieve
Action: Sinking so can be worked at any depth

More Information

The Duo Beach Walker 120 MD is a sinking jerkbait of the medium diving group. Depending on the speed of retrieve you can decide on the running depth, this is in the region of 2.5ft to 4.5ft.

This "Search Bait" is designed to be able to cast great distances and work a variety of depths, which is essential for finding active predators.

Equipped with two tungsten weight transfers, and centre balanced with three more balls, this lure is designed to cast far and sink parallel. Work the lure at different speeds and also stop the retrieve and allow it to sink.

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