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AFAW Lure Rod 7ft 6in 5-21g

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Length: 7ft 6in
Casting Weight: 5-21g

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Many anglers have realised there is a need for specific rods for different lures and situations. I am so proud to say I have been working with Julian Shambrook at Anyfish Anywhere to get these rods right, and I think it has been achieved.

The rods are light, well balanced and have a forgiving tip but it is not floppy. the power comes in about a third of the way down from the tip and progresses all the way to the butt. The reel seat and eyes are top quality Fuji (Alconite) products.

This basically means when using soft lures the angler will feel and see the bites, but the tip is soft enough not to spring the lure away from the fish. A floppy tip can be harder to detect the bites, and a fast tip can be too powerful and spring the lure. If you have heard of the term HRF (Hard Rock Fishing) then this is the kind of rod that is perfect for how it is done in the UK.

The two new rods are the 7ft 6in 5-21g and the 7ft 6in 5-28g. Both rods are easily capable of these ranges and sensitive enough for the lighter jigheads and lures too. The softer tip means it is great for diving lures, and the fact it is not floppy means it is sound for surface plugs too.

It has always been frustrating to advise customers on a purpose built rod for soft lure fishing, but at last there is now one available that has been designed for the job. The fact that it is also great for plugs and metals too just adds to the fact this is a great product at the right price.
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