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holo bait frosty xorus

Xorus Frosty Holo Bait

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Quick Overview

Weight: 16g
Length: 125mm
Action: Surface/ Walk the dog

Another of the new colours from Xorus, the Holo Bait has a clear belly and sides with an iridescent natural top. The head is a clear smoked yellow and there is an internal flash plate inside the body....this lure really looks like a fish in the water, the colours just work!

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More Information

A fantastic lure for surface plugging when the predatory fish are hitting smaller bait fish. As in the Patchinko this lure comes standard with T shaped middle trebles.

Many anglers are switching onto the Frosty on calm/flat days when the Patchinko may be a bit aggressive.
Brand Xorus
Length 125mm
Lure Depth Surface / Floating
Lure Weight 16g
Hook Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action Walk the dog, less aggressive as the Patchinko