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Xorus Asturie 110 Ayu

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Quick Overview

Length: 110mm
Weight: 15g
Depth: Surface but will slide under to 2ft max
Action: Walk the dog/long slide

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More Information

This lure is the little brother of the very popular Asturie 15cm & 13cm. This 11cm lure works as a surface lure and on the retrieve it will also dive under the surface to a foot or two deep.

The action is a "long slide" action, which is a slower and longer version of "walking the dog" (zigzag).
Brand Xorus
Length 110mm
Lure Depth Surface
Lure Weight 15g
Hook Front Decoy T-S21 #4, Rear Decoy Y-S21 #4
Action Walk/Slide but will dip underwater