I have just had a text from Cuba, “Haircut” and the boys are having a great time out there and he informs me he has christened my new jigging rod that I lent him with a 100lb grouper! Now that's a big wrasse! I can't wait to hear the stories and see the photos, it gives us inspiration this time of year for fishing when we see others smashing nice fish. If anyone else has a tropical or foreign fishing trip planned for this year please let me know, as all us anglers love to find out anywhere that holds fish for future holidays.

Last weekend I was away in Weymouth so I missed the golden grasdos competition that was run through the Sinkers sea fishing club and sponsored by the Leak & Bean café. All the proceeds were donated to the RNLI. Twenty five keen anglers fished the 24 hour competition in pretty terrible conditions, but all fished safely and in pairs so the organisers knew no one was out there on his own. With the weather being so harsh it was surprising that any fish were caught at all, but the guys did very well with the top two teams of two anglers landing nine different species each. Graham Carver, Andrew Letto, Matthew Gordon and Rob Dingle all achieved nine species which included pollack, whiting, pouting, bass, common eel, conger eel, rockling, codling, flounder, undulate ray, dogfish and even a grasdos. Rob Dingle, who fished with Matt Gordon, won the individual section as he managed nine species on his own. The highlight of the competition, apart from the free buffet supplied by the Leak & Bean, was Steve Mullins new British record shore caught white bream of 2lb 9oz. Steve was fishing St Catherines breakwater in the dark, which is incredible as this species is normally caught during the day and in late summer.

I have managed to go on a fishing trip myself, although I fear it was of my normal standard and didn’t quite go to plan. So the plan was for myself and Bob to go and catch a few more squid for our freezers, a good plan in general terms as we are now armed with the mighty green lantern of fishing excellence. This lantern is at the pinnacle of squid fishing expertise, and can draw the squid in from miles away. So we headed to our favourite secret squid fishing spot which is the back wall of St Catherines breakwater. Bob suggested I get a trolley for carry the truck battery needed to power the lantern but being a rough tough fisherman I knew I could manage to carry it a couple of hundred yards no problem. All is good, the wind was behind us and the sea was calm enough on the back wall, so I lowered the lamp down to the water before switching it on, as last time it blew up from over heating as it has to be submerged. With my heart in my mouth and our eagerness near to boiling point I connected the wires to the battery only to find the mighty green lantern was not so mighty. The glow it emitted was not the Aurora Borealis we were expecting, but more of a tiny glow bug. I looked at Bob and he asked if I had charged the battery after our last disastrous trip, I just looked at him with my down turned smile as he walked away and said he wasn’t helping me carry the battery back to the car. This saga will continue.

Bon temps,