There are some nice tides coming up this weekend, albeit a bit cold with the northerly winds we are expecting, but I am sure some of you will brave the cold and be out there. With the wind in the north it will be best fish on the south coast or even the lower wall of the breakwater, where some great rays are still being caught amongst other species. Scott Batchelor and Terry Blampied fished together this week and both had a lovely undulate each, Scott's being 8lb 6oz and Terry's being a new personal best for him at 13lb 2oz. We are so lucky in Jersey to have this beautiful species as they are generally not caught in the UK. The best baits for them are whole squid, mackerel or fresh pouting fished hard on the bottom with a decent 5/0 hook and a strong hook length of about 40lb. Small eye ray can be taken at the breakwater and Plemont beach too, but this species love sandeel baits. Go give them a go, there seems to be a lot about since the commercial ban on landing them.

Anthony Laidler had a bonus bass this week whilst fishing for another species. Anthony was actually trying to catch a whiting for his his club points and managed to winkle out a personal best shore caught bass of 7lb 11oz. So many of us don't target bass in the winter as they are generally thought of as being a summer species, but they seem to come up every month of the year if you have the patience and will to be out there. Big baits for conger will often pick up big rogue bass and some even come on lures, in fact my fishing buddy "Haircut" is still catching a few bass of softies. He told me he had two bass today and managed a couple last weekend whilst fishing with his son. Seven year old Keanu showed his dad how to do it with landing the first one on his first cast if the day. Good work young man, keep the old boy on his toes and show him who the better fisherman is.

Some winter species have started to turn up at last. Daniel Ferguson had his first flounder of the winter with a great one of 1lb 9oz. We don't tend to get many flounder down this way compared to the UK, so anyone that manages one has put some effort in and always deserve a mention. Same with the whiting, another species that is fairly common in the UK but we struggle with them here, especially to get one from the shore over a few ounces. I have heard of a few small ones coming up from the town harbour and Gorey pier, along with a few small codling still being landed.

The squid are still here, although they seem to slow down during the smaller tides. I am sure there will be plenty being caught this weekend with the full moon tonight. Talking of tides, if anyone wants next years tide books I now have them in my shop and being old school I still have mine printed in feet. A nice stocking filler for any nautical person in the family. I don't charge for them, but it is nice to put a donation in the life boat or air search box, you never know when you might need them!

Bon temps,